When i use the serum i have some rubbing on the skin? Are GLAM‘S® unsuitable for me?

If after the application you become some rubbing that looks like it has dried out, then you use to much serum. You need to applicate a very small amount of the serum. Another reason might be,  you don‘t let it soak in before you continuing with your usual skincare. Let it soak in for about 5 minutes. Because we don‘t use silicones and paraffins in our product, it would also be possible that you use a skincare with high concentrations of this ingredients. Try to use another skincare or you apply less of this skincare.

Since i stared using the Serum my skin is tightened ? Is this normal?

Yes, absolutely. It is a sign that the serum is working and your skin is absorbing the active substances very well. This is the lifting effect that is achieved and is also desired for a more youthful look. The feeling of tension will fade over time.

Contains GLAM‘S® preservatives?

Yes, we use a preservative for cosmetic preparations, that consists of phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin with a fast acting biocide action  in the recommended concentration.

This preservative has been extensively investigated and evaluated and is considered safe and harmless for the preservation of cosmetics. We decided agains the preserving only with alcohol, as is usually for the natural cosmetics. Because a preservation with alcohol can also dry out the skin.

Why is GLAM’S® produced without paraffins, silicones, dyes, perfume?

Our concept is to obtain fast and best possible results with a few active ingredients. We also focus on high quality. We do not use unnecessary or critical ingredients.

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