Can i use a make-up with the serum?

Yes of course, after the serum been completely absorbed you can use your usual make-up.

Can i continue to use my usual skin care?

Yes. You don‘t need to change your usual skin regimen. GLAM‘S® are combinable with every skincare. Why

When i use the serum i have some rubbing on the skin? Are GLAM‘S® unsuitable for me?

There are different possible reasons

1.One of them are You use to much of serum. Try to applicate a lower dose of the product and 

   massage gently into the area. 

2.You don‘t allow to absorbe it into the skin, wait 5 minutes before you applicate additional creams 

   or moisturizer.

3.You consume a skin care with to high concentration of silicone or paraffins, try another skin care  

   with no or lower doses of silicones and paraffins.

Since i use the Serum my skin stretches ? Are that normal?

Yes, absolutely. That means that the serum works and your skin absorb active agents efficiently. The lifting effect are desirable for a younger looking skin. This feeling of stretches vanish with the time.

Contains GLAM‘S® preservatives?

Yes, in a minimum percentage share. Transparency is important to us, we reveal all ingredients already in a dosage of 0.001%.

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