Argireline® - Acetyl Hexapeptide-8:

Highly effective high-tech ingredient

„The alternative to Botulinum Toxin“

The innovative anti wrinkle peptide that has been tested as the first alternative to botulinum toxin after long scientific research.Reduces wrinkles by relaxing the muscles without making the mask-like look.

Formation of expression lines:

Wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions. From the brain, the muscles receive the signal to contract via the nerves. However, because the nerve strands do not reach the muscles, but there is still a small gap between them (synaptic gap), the signal cannot be transmitted to the muscles. So that the signal reaches the muscles, the messenger substance acetyl choline (ACh) is released as an aid (for bridging) and the muscles contract. The more neurotransmitters (acetyl choline) are released, the stronger the muscle is contracted and deep wrinkles develop. Argireline® intervenes in a natural way in this system and reduces the release of acetyl choline. Muscles relax and this in turn causes that the wrinkles shrinks and a new formation will be prevented.

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